Saturday, 5 June 2010

It's the end, but....

So, ending a story. An ending can make a difference between a memorable tale and something that completely ruins what has gone before. Alternately, perhaps the tale told was less than enthralling throughout, but the ending packs a mighty punch. Either way, the ending is the last part that will be read, the last chance a writer has to impress the reader.

Endings I always find very tricky. However in this case even more so as I'm giving up a character to the writer of the next story and I have to make sure that that character's ending will tie-in nicely. My story still has to have an ending in its own right though, so that also has to be interesting and memorable (which hopefully it will be due to its link to the next one - a cliffhanger of sorts, albeit unknown to the Doctor...)

Best thing to is to get back to it!


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