Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Capaldi Continuum

"One day, I shall come back. Yes, one day...."

Well, that's the plan, and with some new fiction too! But, until then, I have a guest article from Chad Gingrich for your delectation, and his thoughts on the casting of the rather splendid Peter Capaldi. 


What Choosing Peter Capaldi Means for Doctor Who   

Geronimo!   As we continue the 50th anniversary celebrations that saw the recent airing of “Day of The Doctor” in 94 countries worldwide (and which was perhaps the most anticipated Who episode of all time), we are left in anticipation of what the 12th regeneration of the Doctor will bring to the beloved British series.

Compared to the last two Doctors, Capaldi is a big-name actor in the UK.  Both Tennant and Smith more or less got their start on Doctor Who and many believed that the 12th Doctor would also follow this pattern.While some fear this could mean a shorter run in the part (ala Eccleston), it definitely shows us the popularity of the property among seasoned actors.  It’s also great to see a true fan of the series in the role; you can imagine the ideas he’s been working on for years for what “his” Doctor will be.

While we probably won’t get a “Malcolm Tucker” Doctor (see: The Thick of It, In The Loop), we can certainly hope for some inspiration from his part.  In particular we can imagine this Doctor being more intense and sporadic, which would be in stark contrast of Smith’s goofy, bumbling Doctor.  But don’t be expecting the hilariously offensive language from Capaldi - this is a family show after all!  As an older actor, we can also hope for a larger sense of gravitas from the Doctor.  This would align well with the timeline of the Doctor and what he’s seen in his 1200 years.  This could signify a nice shift towards some more dramatic storylines, which would be a nice change of pace from Smith’s more comedic tone.

We’ve had the swashbuckling Doctor with Tennant, the bumbling, comedic Doctor with Smith but Capaldi could shift towards a more calm and calculated Doctor.  Smith’s years brought a lot of reveals and secrets about The Doctor’s past and the mythos of the character, which could lead to a much more quiet and reserved 12th Doctor who is more internally pensive and closed off to the world.  This would also bring a really interesting dynamic between companion characters, especially Clara who would have to adjust to a notably different Time Lord.  The age difference will also play well between an older Doctor and a younger companion and could lead to a much more paternal relationship between the two.

The Doctor wouldn’t be our favourite Time Lord if he didn’t have a silly appearance and costume.  While a serious tone might accompany Capaldi, he still has that “goofy” Doctor look.  We can only imagine what kind of costume they’ll come up with for Peter (my personal preference…bring back the veggie boutonniere). Peter Capaldi’s casting isn’t the massive departure many had hoped for. (The Doctor is still white and still male). However, it could pave an easier path to a bigger shake up with the next Doctor.   Of course, the controversy behind the argument that we should move to a different “type” of Doctor really should be about who the best actor is for the part (regardless of gender or ethnicity) and I think we can all agree that Tennant and Smith were both fantastic choices.

Overall, Capaldi is a strong choice for the franchise and one that should ensure its popularity for years to come.  While we’ll all miss Matt Smith, we’ll surely take a liking to Capaldi just like we did when we moved on from David Tennant.

If somehow you haven't yet seen it, watch the 50th Anniversary special “The Day of The Doctor" immediately! And get ready for "The Time of the Doctor" on Christmas Day that will feature the regeneration of Matt Smith into Peter Capaldi.

About the Author 

Whovian Chad Gingrich writes on behalf of Dish Systems , a reseller of satellite TV packages included FLEX TV and other wibbly wobbly timey wimey deals and promotions.