Monday, 17 October 2011

The parting of the ways...

Inevitable. It was always going to happen, and now is that moment of realisation. It suddenly dawned on me today that I have to stop writing Who fic, and so I'm making the decision to do so. So that's it! Well, not quite....I'm in the process of writing two stories for the rather splendid Mr Nic Ford, and I shall finish both of those. I will, of course, also finish series 4 and get it out there at last, though I won't be writing as much. An opener and a finale, bookended by the First and Eleventh Doctors (quite fitting really), but there'll be no tale of the Second Doctor and Ben, trapped in an alien experiment watched over by.....or the tale of the Sixth Doctor and Peri as they fail to prevent the destruction of.....- those are consigned to the 'What if?' pile, forever to remain mere plans.

Yet fear not, for the future holds more exciting plans and ideas, and while I'll be leaving the Whoniverse behind, there's a far greater unchartered expanse that'll I'll be voyaging through, and that's the most thrilling thought of all.

I hope you'll stick with me, and enjoy all that is to come, both the last of the Who stories and the undiscovered worlds to be explored.

And to soften the blow, more gratuitious Karen Gillan.