Saturday, 24 July 2010

Trudiode and the Doctor - Extras

Ok, apologies for being a day or two later than planned but Rachel has given me some little extra bits and pieces to pop up here, so pop them up here I shall.

So, first off, a little bit more Trudiode prose goodness....

Extras are good, a little sweetner to make the experience that much better. They are aimed at those already invested in the main attraction but can also serve as a teaser or hook too. Exclusivity is the key, making something hard to get can be a good way of attracting the completists. Trudiode likes shoes, she really does because she's programed that way, but not all shoes are equal. What sepeates a normal pair of £50 shoes from the £700 one that can only be obtained at midnight from a secret location that can only be located by following a complex series of clues and hints? The investment of time and effort can be their own reward, after all if Trudiode goes to so much trouble to obtain one little hard to obtain pair of shoes then it's so much easier for her to go for the more common-place shoes afterwards. One hand washes the other so to speak, Trudiode uses lemon scented oil to clean her hands. Now back to the nature of rewards, the reward can be obtaining it, a quest, a little effort, going out of your way to find something. Did you know Trudiode was on that planet looking for shoes? That's why I mentioned them in the example, of course had she simply found the shop and not got lost and met the Doctor then her life would have been very different and probably a lot shorter, but she ended up with Violet and together they adopted Robona so that they could have a family. Then Trudiode got a job in a shoe shop and she got to wear all the shoes she wanted so something work out for the best.

Rachel has also been good enough to supply some artwork for your delectation, and here it is...

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