Monday, 1 August 2011


Hi all! Just a quick post to keep you updated with the latest developments. So, series 4 is going to be split in two, with the first half to launch hopefully around the time the second half of series 6 airs on tv - so around the end of the month. Well, that's the plan at least! After that, there'll be a little break (a month or so) and then it'll come storming back with the second half which will wrap up the series just before the year's end. Why am I splitting it? Well, I've got four stories to write, and I need some time to not just be writing Who fiction, so I'm going to have a little break from it. Only a little one mind. I am currently writing a 'Companion Chronicle' for River for Nic Ford, who's very kindly taken over the series I set up a few months back. I'm hoping it'll do good business, and I'll be sure to link to it from here once it's up and running. It does also give me an excuse to put a gratuitous River picture in this post too!

So, as regards series 4, here's how it's looking (with provisional posting dates):

Part 1
The Three-Fold Continuum by Andy Weston - 1st Doctor and Steven (25/08/11)
Rory's Choice by George Potter - 11th Doctor (01/09/11)
Black Diamond by Rachel - 7th Doctor and Hex (08/09/11)
Rise of the Hydris by Steve F - 4th Doctor and Romana II (15/09/11)
We All Scream for Ice Cream by Kevin Rhodes - 8th Doctor (22/09/11)
Dead Heaven by Andy Weston - 6th Doctor and Charley (29/09/11)

Part 2
The Good Fight by Andy Weston - 2nd Doctor and Ben (10/11/11)
Hope Vs Fear by David J - 10th Doctor (17/11/11)
The Memory Cheat by George Potter - 3rd Doctor and Liz (24/11/11)
Star-Crossed by Russell Williams - 5th Doctor (1/12/11)
The Forgotten Man by Andrew Wyllie - 9th Doctor (8/12/11)
The Words of Men by Andy Weston - 11th Doctor, Amy & Rory (15/12/11)

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