Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hell in High Heels

Well, hello one and all! Yes, I am back and I've been busy! First off there's my first story for Nic Ford's splendid Companion Chronicles Prose Series featuring none other than the good Dr Song herself and called 'Hell in High Heels' (couldn't resist!). If you head here, then you can read it! Please let me know what you think of it, either on here or on Nic's site. There's another coming next Saturday too (featuring Nyssa) so I shall put a link to that once it's up.

ALSO, I couldn't resist writing a Christmas story. Since it's the last series of Consequences, it needs something special to kick it off, and this seems like the best way to get it started! It's not tied in with the arc and will stand alone - though the 'consequences' element will still be in play. Wait and see! What I can say for now is that it's called 'The Box of Delights' (anyone who follows me on Twitter will know I have an affinity with that particular television show) and will be up in the week leading up to Christmas - so in two weeks' time more or less!

So, things are happening, and series 4 will kick off in early January.

I shall return again soon with more news. Hope you enjoy 'Hell in High Heels' for now...


  1. Very very good story sir, Always did wonder how she got "hired" by the Clerics when they were so rude at Demons Run :)

    And I cannot shake the feeling that between the Library and the Byzantium, she and the Doctor crossed paths.

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