Sunday, 5 September 2010

A little something extra

As promised, here is a little something to whet the appetite before series 2 comes around. I'm hoping I can do something similar each week in the lead up to the start of series 2, just as a little taste of things to come. It may not make the most sense at the moment, but come the end of the series it'll all be a lot clearer, trust me! Hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to comment back on gallifreybase (or here if you're so inclined!).

Dalek Cutaway

From the outside, it seemed limited. Space flowed around it, making it appear even smaller than it was. A tiny pinprick of light in the blackness.

    Stars began to appear; few at first, then more with each passing moment, as if it were solidifying into reality. Gradually it became corporeal, sitting at the heart of what once was nothingness, but what now was to them a new born universe.

    Though those that dwelt within were from a far distant place, a world still alive in another dimension, teeming with hostile life. They were at the bidding of others, not something they were used to, nor something they knew they had any choice in.

    For once, they were powerless.

    The confined space allowed for restrictive movement, each of them assigned to a specific area to avoid any destruction in the area they inhabited.

    The scanner screen was active, a radar of sorts attempting to discern the location of those they'd been following. A small dot had appeared briefly, then vanished just as fast.

    The first creature turned its top section to its immediate comrade, its eye a metallic stalk affixed to its 'head'.    


    The Dalek next to it pressed a button, an image of the Doctor appearing on the screen. "THE DOC-TOR IS IN THIS BOD-Y AT THE PRE-SENT TIME. WE ARE TO EX-TER-MIN-ATE HIM BE-FORE HE ES-CAPES BACK TO OUR U-NI-VERSE."

    The normally steady beat in the background was silenced, as another light on the control section lit up, indicating an incoming message. The scanner screen lit up once more, the three Daleks all turning their eyestalks in its direction.

    The image on the screen was familiar to them; their 'employer' as they were forced to term the creature. Not an idea that sat well with them, but since it held them in its power and could easily dispatch them if it so wished they had little choice.

    The vocal communication channel was opened, the voice soft yet authoritative. "We sent you here to retrieve the Time Lord. If this is beyond your capabilities, it leaves us in somewhat of a quandary."


    The voice came through once again, a harsher tone to it. "You are supposed to be the most feared beings throughout the galaxy. Does that not extend to other universes?" A pause, the image flickering for a moment. The 'employer' waved a kind, as if to dismiss such thoughts. "We were told that you were the best, the most capable of your species, and within moments you have breached your contract."

    From behind the third Dalek, smoke had begun to spread forwards through the small craft.


    The figure on the screen began to laugh, a gentle chuckle at first erupting into a full-throated howl. "You had already failed. Call this a mercy killing." The screen clicked off, then back on again. "Oh by the way, there's a lovely planet to cushion your fall. I believe the locals call it Alfava Metraxis."

    The Daleks looked to the controls, though was little they could do to prevent the inevitable. "INI-TI-ATE EMER-GENCY PRO-CED-URE. PLA-NET FALL IN THIR-TY RELS."

    Several buttons were activated, all the while the laughter echoing in their auditory circuits. The image on the screen was now a planet, rushing into view, the velocity of the ship propelling it through the stratosphere.

    Through the cloud formations.




    Then silence.

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