Monday, 27 September 2010

Teaser #3

So here it is, the last of the teasers for series 2. The series begins this Saturday, 2nd October, so I hope you'll enjoy it as much as the first one. To tide you over, here is:
The room was ornately decorated; plush carpet, opulent furnishings, the very finest in everything that could be found was right here in all its splendour.
    Seated in a finely upholsted armchair near an open fire (itself keeping the temperature of the room well above the chill outside) was the owner of the club. By the side of the chair was a small table, on which sat a manila file, open to show a thick sheaf of paper. The man had left it open on a particular page while he nursed a large glass of brandy, swilling the liquid around before taking a small sip from it.
    A second man approached, sitting in a similar chair adjacent to the first. The other man offered him a drink, but he dismissed it before it was poured.
    "So," the second man – immaculately dressed in a bespoke pin-stripe suit – began, "this is certainly interesting." He picked the top sheet of paper from the file, glancing over the information it presented.
    The first man set his glass down, stroking a stray drop of liquid from his neatly-trimmed moustache, and turned to the new arrival. "Indeed. Though I can't quite fathom why this is proving so difficult."
    The second man raised an eyebrow. "Why not? The subject has always proved particularly elusive, time and again managing to evade our best efforts."
    The moustached man nodded, waving a hand in the air. "You're right, completely right of course. What I am having trouble comprehending is the levels that we are having to go to in order to correct the mistakes that have already been made! This," he gestured to the stack of paperwork beside him, just about containing the urge to knock the whole pile to the floor, "is a travesty! I cannot allow this to continue." The urge then overcame him, the papers knocked from the table, scattering around the room, some finding their way into the fire.
    The other man clapped, very slowly. When he spoke the sarcasm was all too evident in his voice. "Bravo. What a triumph! Has that solved anything, all the problems we have?" He looked for an answer, but the question was rhetorical. "No, I know exactly what we need, and now is the time to instigate it!"
    The moustached man sat bolt upright. "Do you mean...?" The other man nodded in acknowledgement. "Then we must proceed! At once!"
    The other man pulled a briefcase up from beside him, clicking open the catches and lifting the lid almost reverentially. "Phase 2." He turned it so that the moustached man could see it, the enthusiasm evident in his eyes.
    "May I...?" The man's hand hovered over the briefcase, the other man holding his hands away from its contents.
    The other man nodded.
    The moustached man reached into the case.
     "Phase 2"
    Both men began to laugh as the room was enveloped in a blinding light. The next stage in the game was just beginning...

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