Tuesday, 12 April 2011

News as promised

So, I said that I'd post some more news...and here it is! There are another 7 (and a half) stories to come in series 3, and this is how they line up:

  • Tearing of the Soul part 2 (7th Doctor and Leela) by yours truly
  • Title TBC (11th Doctor and Amy) by Russell Williams (who's previously written - deep breath - Sunday and Purity for series 1 and Sunshine in the Rain and Thine Own Self in series 2) and....me!
  • The Vault of Neverwhile (8th Doctor and Lucie) by...erm...me (there are some other writers, I promise!)
  • A Murder of Crows (9th Doctor and Rose) by Kevin Rhodes (who wrote The Destiny of Doctor Who last series)
  • The Never-Ending Story of War (6th Doctor and Peri) by (newcomer to 'Consequences', but runner of the popular Tenth Doctor series on GallifreyBase) Andrew Wyllie
  • Dark Cerebrum (3rd Doctor and Liz) by me (again!)
  • Forged in Fire (10th Doctor and Martha) by Russell Williams
  • The Mandrasta Solution (1st Doctor and Steven) by me, and which wraps up most of the story arc elements from the first three series. Most, but not all...
That's how it's looking! Hopefully I'll be able to put some dates up as to when they'll be posted very soon. Hope it's whetted your appetite!

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