Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Third Zone - Issue 3

Yes, another issue of The Third Zone is now up, so please do take a look. This month there is:

The second half of Joe's article on series 4 of the Eighth Doctor adventures, including interviews with Nic Briggs, Alan Barnes and Niky Wardley;

The climax of our story, with part 3 of The Shadow Makers (penned by yours truly), which features the Fifth Doctor and Tegan;

Reviews of Mara Tales, Industrial Evolution and The Forgotten Time;

Charlotte and Simon give their views on The Claws of Axos;

The Apocalypse Element comes under scrutiny in 'The Evelyn Escapades';

Lloyd Rose's Camera Obscura is under the spotlight in this month's 'A Matter of Perspective';

We debate "that terrible woman" the Rani;

Who Online looks at the top five BabelColour clips on YouTube;

And there may just be an interview with the one and only Katy Manning....

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