Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The bearer of more bad news

Yep, it's true, more news that will not delight (unless you hate this site, in which case, what the HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE? Ahem...): series 4 will not see the light of day this year. There, I said it. It WILL appear next year, probably very early on, but not in this one (unless the planets are somehow suddenly all in alignment...). Why? Well, it's still me. I've been so busy doing non-Who fic writing stuff (and working, sleeping, spending time with the family...) that I've just not managed to squeeze it in. I will, and it'll be a bit here and a bit there, but not so as I can give a definite start date. I apologise to all those who've already done the hard work, but rest assured your efforts will see the light of day, and in the grand scheme of time it'll be very soon. Having done 3 series over the course of a year has undoubtedly taken its toll too, so a break from it will be good too - and hopefully it'll come through in the stories that I produce.

Apologies again, and as for my follow up series The Last...I'm not sure. Yet. It may happen, it may not. Time will tell, as a wise man once said.

By way of distraction, here's lovely pics of Amy and River, my two favourite Who ladies of the moment.

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